• Is there a band fee?  How much?     This year's band fee is $15.  This pays for music and many other things that we'll be using throughout the year.

  • What do I need to have in class each day?     Every day you will need a pencil, your instrument (in working condition), maintenance supplies (valve oil, slide grease, slide oil, cork grease, etc), your band books, a 1.5'' binder with pockets, notebook paper, and all of the music we're currently playing.  

  • How much do I need to practice?     The general answer is however long it takes to achieve your goal for that day; some people will need less, some more.  West Valley band students are required to practice a minimum of fifteen minutes daily outside of class.  

  • Is extra help available before or after school?     Your teachers would be happy to provide extra help before or after school.  If you need extra help you can ask your teachers directly or email them.

  • What if I'm really good at my instrument and I want to get even better outside of class?     Private lessons are a great way to accelerate your progress as a musician.  You can find a list of local musicians in our "forms/documents" section under the resources tab.

  • If I'm ready to buy an instrument but I don't know what to get.  Suggestions?     Here is a list of recommended instrument brands and models.

  • Where are the local music stores again?     Here are links to the websites of Rush's and Lundsford's.

  • How often should I oil my valves/slide?     Brass players with valves should oil them at least once per week.  Slide-O-Mix or Trombotine is preferred for trombone players, it's available here.  Either can last for several weeks, but it needs to be refreshed daily with a spray of water.  Trombone players may have a small spray bottle with them in class if they wish.

  • I LOVE to go on trips, does the band go on trips?     You've come to the right place.  The band goes on more trips than any other school organization.  In the past, we have gone to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Six Flags, Wet 'N Wild, Dollywood, elementary school tours, and the list goes on!  This year the 8th grade is going to Orlando, the 6th grade is competing at a festival in Dollywood, and the 7th grade is most likely going on a tour of the elementary schools.


  • How do I contact my teachers?  cliff.kee@knoxschools.org  andrew.hale@knoxschools.org  valerie.sanders@knoxschools.org

Frequently Asked Questions

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